The Case for Rotten Teeth…

Fluoridation of drinking water has been practiced almost wholesale across the planet and what do we have to show for it. The early goings showed a marked decrease in the incidence of tooth decay in children – who were the target case for this since they hadn’t put in permanent teeth.

Now, there is a preponderance of reports citing that fluoridation may be counter to good health and there is argument that it doesn’t or hasn’t proven to have an impact on tooth decay. Taken at face value this seems accurate because since 2004 there has been reporting of increasing tooth decay in youngsters. But, there is a confluence of activities that would contribute to this increase without deciding that fluoridation is junk science and downright harmful.

Of course fluoridation has been practiced without ill effects for the last 60 years but now the fear-mongers are now suggesting that governments cannot be trusted to get the formula right and may cause more harm than good. Further they suggest that governments may want to add antibiotics, birth control and tranquilizers to our drinking water to reduce disease, control the population and promote lassitude. This latter suggestion is farfetched at the outset.

Some critics say, just brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and that should provide all the fluoridation you need and for added peace of mind get your dentist to provide fluoride treatments to your youngsters. We forget that not all of the world’s population lives in affluent societies where fluoride toothpaste and treatments are readily available and affordable. For many this is not an option. And when all else fails the catch all reason of environmental pollution is thrown in.

And for local flare, Canada’s dirty little secret – the second-class aboriginals show over 90% of young children suffer from tooth decay and The Canadian Pediatric Society is now calling for, among other things, fluoride in their drinking water to help combat this serious problem.

I find it interesting that so many people are for genetic modification (medicines/chemicals), fertilization (medicines/chemicals), feed lots (medicines/chemicals) but totally against fluoridation. This is just another example of the bourgeoisie ideologists flexing their myopic muscles.


Toronto, the Great!

Toronto has snagged the number two spot in a ranking of 26 centres of global business and finance based on a study done by PwC.  Toronto was heralded as having  high intellectual capital & innovation as well as strong health, safety & security.  With such high praise from a worthy source how is it that Toronto has failed to approve train services to the airport from the city centre, was unable to implement the street food program; and is now considering scrapping the BIXI system, this one only after two weeks? Almost all major cities around the world has an airport shuttle, street meat of all fare and many have introduced and managed to maintain their BIXI.  What is the problem here?